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The Säno product line is produced exclusively for Monarch Essentials by Faunus Herbs Inc. and manufactured and packaged all within Canada. Faunus Herbs Inc. is a certified grower and producer.

Liquid formulae use living, freshly picked wild-crafted and certified organically grown roots, flowers and herbs.

Encapsulated formulae use certified organic and wild-crafted herbs, blended and formulated using premium quality full-spectrum botanical extracts. To ensure minimum impact on our wild herb populations, the herbs are ecologically wild-crafted under the strictest guidelines. We use only common species of herbs, harvested in areas where they are healthy and plentiful.

At harvest, herbs are collected only at appropriate times (all herbs and flowers have different properties at different times in their lifecycles). Similarly, root herbs are gathered in the fall, after the plants have died back and seeded. Spring roots are collected before new season growth. No more than a small percentage of the plants of any species are picked in a given area, and each area is harvested in proper rotation.

Why buy Säno products?

Quality & Effectiveness

  • An established reputation for high quality.
  • The preferred choice of Health-care Professionals - where product effectiveness is essential.
  • Practitioner tested - Säno products are used by thousands of practitioners all over the world.
  • No compromised quality - only the most effective parts of the plants are used.
  • An ongoing product improvement policy.
  • Purity - ALL ingredients (and the formulation), are listed on the product package.
  • Supportive care information is available for all products.

Manufacturing & Growing Process

  • Säno products are produced by the original certified organic grower and manufacturer.
  • Inspected and certified, since the mid 1980's.
  • Meets QC requirements encompassing more than 300 pages of detailed standards, a copy of which is available by request.
  • Health and environmental consciousness for over 30 years.


  • Manufacturing since 1979.Compounding and Consulting Herbalists - 23 years in Canada and World-wide.
  • Innovation and leadership in product development.
  • Consultation and formulae development and refinement.

Farm & Community

  • Supporting organic family farmers.
  • Contributing to the improvement of our environment for the next generation.
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