Säno fresh plant liquid tinctures

Säno Single and Combination Liquid Tinctures

Fresh plant liquid tinctures are manufactured to conform as follows: liquids made from fresh herbs are a 1:1 ratio. All liquids made from fresh roots are a 1:2 ratio. All liquids made from dried plant material are made according to all applicable standards as stated in the British Herbal Pharmacopoeia.

Liquid formulae use living, freshly picked wild-crafted or certified organically grown roots, flowers and herbs. Dried herbs may be used where no fresh material is available.

Single Liquid Price Codes
Combinations D

Single Tinctures

Alfalfa herb to Yucca root

Combination Tinctures
Bracebridge Formula
Chamaemelum Melissa Complex
Chelidonium Taraxacum Complex
Chimaphila Taraxacum Complex
Chrysanthemum Parthenium Complex
Crataegus Complex
Echinacea Root Mix
Echinacea Goldenseal Mix
Echinacea Ligusticum Complex
Epilobium Alchemilla Complex
Gallium Trifolium Complex
Ginkgo Astragalus Complex
Grindelia Inula Complex
Juglans Echinacea Complex
Mitchella Alchemilla Complex
Siberian Ginseng Complex
Taraxacum Achillea Complex

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