Säno Herbal Capsules and
Botanical Formulae

Säno Capsules

For those who prefer capsules to liquid tinctures, Säno Professional Select supplies the highest quality products containing certified organic or wild-crafted plants, and are always made with vegetable-source capsules suitable for vegan diets.

Premium quality full-spectrum extracts are combined with the best quality whole herbs. We use whole fresh herbs to ensure that all naturally occurring constituents are accounted for, thereby allowing for optimal assimilation.

Full technical information for each combination product includes formulation, mode of operation and supportive care/adjunct therapies, and dietary support.

Combination Herbal Capsules
Agnus Cimicifuga Complex
Berberis Hydrastis Complex
Berberis Silybum Complex
Eleuthero Ginkgo Complex
Echinacea Reishi Complex
Passiflora Hypericum Complex
Sabal Althea Complex
Salvia Achillea Complex
Tanacetum Cimicifuga Complex
Thymus Inula Complex
Valeriana Passiflora Complex

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